What can I say ... I'M A CREATIVE PERSON ... I enjoy the artistic side of life.  I'm always working on a new project making and creating things.  But this year I've decided to shake things up a bit so here is my new goal:

TAKE A PHOTO A DAY FOR 365 days and I started this webpage to stay accountable.  You see, I really want to become a better photographer and a better artist and the only way to accomplish this is to JUST DO IT!  So on January 1, 2015, I’m putting it out there for all to see.  The good, the bad and sometimes the ugly I’m sure!   But, I plan to do it!  Take a photo every day for a whole year. By posting my photos and paintings for all to see I hope that you will comment, and critique my work so that by the end of this project my skills will improve along with my creativity.  So, please follow along as I capture life’s special moments and even those that are mundane!. Cheer me on and let me know your thoughts along the way as I try to CREATE all things 3sixty5 days a year!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED 1/1/16 - I can't believe I did it!  I loved this  project 365 and am quite proud that a stuck with it!  I grew in ways I never dreamed possible!  So I'm working on a coffee table book of all of my Project 365 Photos!  I will keep you advised on my progress!

So my NEW PROJECT is PHOTO ARTISTRY!  It's a project to awaken the artist inside each of us.  I am journaling and working with some of my existing photos to create artistic works of art!  Some will be done through compositing in photoshop while others will be featured in watercolor!  Stay tuned and click on the Photo Artistry Tab to keep track of my work!

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